Series 1911

Roma Brass Spring Check Valve

1911 - Roma Brass Spring Check Valve


  • Manufactured in Italy
  • 6mm ports on both sides of the jumper
  • Viton® seat
  • Can be installed in horizontal or vertical position
  • Suitable for use with gasoline and fuels
  • Not WaterMarked and not suitable for installations that must be
    AS/NZS 3500 compliant (drinking or non-drinking water)
  • All valves pressure tested during production
  • Size range: 10mm to 50mm



  • Temperature range: -15°C to 120°C
  • Maximum operating pressure at nominal temperatures:
  • 10mm to 25mm: 2500 kPa
  • 32mm to 50mm: 1800 kPa
  • Cracking pressure: 3 kPa

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