OEM Valve Manufacturing

Tackle the most challenging projects with high quality OEM valves

Bespoke OEM design services give you options with your project.

Not every project is standard. When you’ve got one that features unusual or unique challenges, you will require custom components. At Zetco we have a robust OEM business and have helped partners with specialised projects thanks to our continual product innovation and OEM valve development.

Our custom process

When a client comes to us with a plumbing, gas, HVAC or specialised industrial valve project, we work closely with them at each stage of the design and implementation process. We start by discussing the technical requirements and taking the time to understand the goals and purpose of the project. Armed with this understanding, our team will collaborate with our supply chain to develop an initial design, which we will then provide to the client, and, based on feedback, iterate on until we have arrived at the final solution.

From there we manufacture the valve using high-performance and industry-leading materials, to ensure a consistent and reliable build quality. Each of our OEM projects has the necessary certifications, and is compliant with any relevant regulations. The confidence that we have in our products is backed by the two-year warranty that we provide for all of our valves; that’s double the standard warranty that is provided for valve products by other manufacturers.

Finally, we’ve invested in building an advanced supply chain which includes an automated distribution facility. This means that your order will arrive at your warehouse with the maximum efficiency. We understand that projects are often time sensitive, and have built our business around being highly responsive and efficient with what we do.

Transparency and accountability are important to our business and, on request, we will provide whatever documentation you might need, be that 3.1 material certificates, material specifications, CAD designs, certificates of currency or WaterMark and AGA certificates.

An uncompromising focus on quality

Every one of our products – including our OEM work – goes through a rigorous testing process, which can include using our purpose-built facility in Australia. Through this we’re able to guarantee that each of our products meets the relevant standards, and we maintain ISO 9001 certification to demonstrate our ongoing commitment to quality.

Our commitment to quality also extends to the materials that we use. We source 100 percent of our brass and bronze products from Italy, respected internationally for the quality and integrity of its metals and craftsmanship.

Finally, whilst we are based in Australia and manufacturer in Italy, we work with clients who have businesses all over the world, and understand the importance of international standards compliance. Compatibility with infrastructure and equipment from all parts of the globe is important to us. For example, our flanged products can be drilled to different tables on either side, enabling pipes and pieces of equipment with mismatched drillings to be connected easily.

Using inferior valves lowers the lifespan of any project, may pose health and safety risks, and can compromise your reputation and the relationships you have with your customers. Finding the right suppliers, that have a track record for delivering high quality products that meet and exceed the standards, is essential to the health of your business.

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