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For on/off applications, ball valves are an ideal solution for isolating equipment or pipelines quickly and efficiently.

Zetco has the experience and depth of range to meet all your ball valve requirements across plumbing, HVAC, mining, industrial, civil and OEM applications. The extensive range covers standard and special-purpose ball valves, all designed to make installation easy and perform reliably in Australian conditions.

With our extensive technical expertise and an array of components and body configurations, we can provide the ball valve you need, when you need it.

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Ball Valve FAQ

A ball valve is an extremely durable stop valve that is designed for On/Off function. They provide tight shut-off and high capacity flow with just a quarter turn to operate. The position of the handle immediately indicates whether the valve is open or closed. In the open position there is virtually no obstruction to flow, and head loss through full bore ball valves is almost negligible. Along with being easy to monitor, ball valves have an advantage in that the seat performs a self-wiping action, preventing build-up of foreign particles within the valve.
The body of ball valves may be manufactured from a wide variety of materials, including standard or dezincification resistant brass, stainless steel in a range of grades to suit different applications, PVC, bronze, carbon steel, cast iron or other materials.
In a full port ball valve, the hole running through the ball is the same size as the hole in the pipe, making flow unrestricted and minimising friction loss.
A standard port ball valve is generally less expensive, but has a smaller ball and hence a smaller bore. Flow through this valve is one pipe size smaller than the valve's pipe size resulting in slightly greater friction loss than a full port valve.
In a reduced port ball valve, the bore through the valve is generally two pipe sizes smaller than the valve's pipe size. As with standard ports, this results in greater friction loss than a full port valve.
Ball valves are extremely versatile and can handle many different types of liquids, gases, temperatures and pressures. It is important to consult the manufacturer's technical data sheets prior to installation to ensure the correct valve is being installed for the application.
Ball valves are designed to allow either complete flow or total shut-off and are not designed to control the flow of substances at different rates (throttling). If a valve is kept in a semi-on or off position, there is a high risk of damage to the edge of the ball opening. Globe or needle valves are a better choice when precise and reliable flow control is required.