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Series 2602

Zetco AGA Approved Ductile Iron Flanged Underground Ball Valve

2602 - Zetco AGA Approved Ductile Iron Flanged Underground Ball Valve


A flanged ductile iron ball valve AGA approved to AS 4617 (Approval #6633 Type 1 - Isolation Valve) fitted with an adaptor for underground installation. Double stem o-rings provide dynamic sealing to prevent leakage and carbon-reinforced PTFE ball seals ensure smooth reliable operation. The full and straight bore minimises head loss and reduces turbulence.


Investment cast body and flange in ductile iron (B2.1 Series)
Cast iron adaptor for underground installation
Epoxy coating prevents corrosion, tuberculation and surface wear while promoting efficient flow of fluids
Reinforced PTFE ball seals for consistent operating torque
Blow-out proof stem to prevent leakage and ensure safety


Manufactured in Italy under ISO 9001 Quality Management System
All valves are pressure tested during production


Flanges drilled to ANSI B16.5 150 or AS 2129 Table D/E
Flow capacity: Full bore
Flow control: on/off only, not intended for throttling
Buried installations must be wrapped in Denso® tape
Temperature range: -20°C to 70°C
Max. pressure: 1600 kPa (see graph)

Options & Variants

Size range: 40mm to 150mm
Use with Series 2502 underground key (sold separately)
Series 2601 with lever handle
Series 2603 with lockable lever handle

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