Series 1725

Zetco Bronze WaterMarked Needle Valve

1725 - Zetco Bronze WaterMarked Needle Valve


  • Manufactured in Italy
  • WaterMarked to AS 1628 licence WM-020284
  • Suitable for applications where throttling is required
  • Available with NPT threads
  • All valves pressure tested during production
  • Size range: 6mm to 20mm



  • Maximum operating pressure at nominal temperatures:
  • Steam: 1050 kPa @ 186°C
  • Water: 2500 kPa @ 99°C
  • For ratings at specific temperatures refer to graph overleaf

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Globe Valve FAQ

A globe valve is used to control or shut off flow in a pipeline and consists of a movable disc or plug which seals against a round stationary seat housed in an often spherical (globe-shaped) housing.
Globe valves are used in applications where variable flow control (throttling) is required.
A globe valve works by slowly raising or lowering the moveable plug away from or against the seat to vary the rate of flow.
A globe valve is specifically designed to provide variable flow control (throttling) while a gate valve should only to be used to achieve either full flow or complete shutoff. If a gate valve is used for throttling, there is a strong risk of damaging the edge of the gate which can lead to leakage.
A needle valve is a special kind of globe valve in which the plug is needle-shaped rather than disc shaped. A needle valve is able to provide a very fine level of flow control which is useful for precision equipment.
Globe valves are generally operated using a hand wheel. As the disc or needle only travel a short distance, few turns are required to operate them.