Series 1703

Tour & Andersson DZR Brass Tested Gate Valve

1703 - Tour & Andersson DZR Brass Tested Gate Valve


  • Manufactured in Sweden
  • WaterMarked to AS 1628 licence WM-000772
  • Appraised to Water Corporation SPS 255 Appraisal No. PA 10-09
  • Full bore
  • Suitable for use with diesel
  • Internal guides ensure proper closure of gate
  • Cast iron handwheel
  • Precompressed PTFE gland packing
  • Must be operated in fully open or closed position
  • All valves pressure tested during production
  • Size range: 15mm to 50mm



  • Temperature range: -10°C to 99°C
  • Maximum operating pressure at nominal temperatures: 2500 kPa

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