Monday, 22 July 2019 09:26

Changes to Queensland Legislation

In a bid to improve safety, The Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC) has recently introduced new legislation which prevents the manufacture, distribution and installation of non-conforming building products (NCBP) on all building sites in Queensland.

Tougher penalties can now be imposed on plumbers and gasfitters that perform work or install products which may pose a safety risk to people. Specific licencing requirements are also in place for medical gas and commercial air-conditioning systems to ensure correct installation and reduce the risk of injury or disease.

The sale and installation of plumbing products that are not WaterMarked or are deemed to be unsafe is now prohibited. Manufacturers of substandard plumbing products are also being targeted by the new legislation changes; the Queensland government can now unilaterally ban from sale any products, even those currently bearing the WaterMark, if they are deemed to be unsafe.

As part of its ISO 9001 Quality Management System, Zetco Valves has a systematic program of testing to ensure that its products meet or exceed the standards set by the WaterMark and Gas Product Certification schemes. Regular testing of randomly selected samples, both in Italy and Australia, ensure that all alloys used in the manufacturing process are of the highest quality. The company offers a complete range of WaterMarked and gas approved valves to ensure compliance with state and federal regulations. The range also includes specific medical gas valves designed for safe, easy maintenance and HVAC valves which save installation time and facilitate regular testing procedures.

As interest in mandating the importation, sale and installation of only WaterMark certified products is growing in other Australian states, you can depend on Zetco to keep you compliant with legislation requirements.

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