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HVAC ball valves - more than you realise

Zetco offers an extensive range of ball valves specifically designed for HVAC applications.

It wasn’t so long ago that the humble ball valve was a straightforward product only available in BSP Female x Female with a lever handle. Over the last 15 years, Zetco has gone to great efforts to expand the range by customising ball valves – including expanding the range to DN 100, the patented continuous-flow water heater kits and the recently launched Press-fit range – to suit plumbers needs.  

For mechanical contractors operating in the field of HVAC, the same level of specialisation is also available. Zetco offers an extensive range of ball valves specifically designed for HVAC applications.   

Available in a multitude of different configurations, the Zetco range of HVAC ball valves are fully WaterMarked and certified to Australian Standards, giving you guaranteed peace of mind. In addition, the Zetco seal of quality is also demonstrated by its continued commitment to Italian manufacture (world leaders in ball valve technology). 

Zetco HVAC ball valves with built-in test plugs were an innovation developed by Zetco that has provided major installation savings for mechanical contractors. The all-in-one design eliminates the need to install test plugs separatelymaking significant labour savings and reducing the number of joints.  

Originally launched with a test plug only, customer feedback has driven the addition of other features like drain cocks, mini ball valves and extension options. The drain cock and mini ball valve allow systems to be drained during commissioning and testing programs. Extended spindles and test components ensure that pipework can be safely and efficiently lagged while still providing access to operate the valve and perform testing procedures. The range has also grown to include sizes from DN10 to DN50. 

HVAC installations are increasingly incorporating the use of press-fit technology. The recent launch of Zetco’s range of Press-fit ball valves is a welcome addition to the market. For example, when installing a fan coil unit or a strainer, the press x male ball valve in standard or extended spindle version eliminates unnecessary joints which mean fewer leaks. Elimination of joints between the valve and press-fit connections mean that designers can more easily determine the dimensions of their installations as the valves are always of a known length. 

The addition of Zetco’s HVAC and other ball valves into Building Information Modelling (BIM) systems also improves location identification and design efficiency which are crucial in designing HVAC installations of all sizes. 

For specification sheets including certification and dimensions click here.

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