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Valve Solutions for the Mining Industry

With increasing worldwide demands for Australian minerals and metals, the mining industry has become a significant consumer of water, placing it under the same pressures as urban areas to improve water usage efficiency and environmental safety. These demands have led to the need to access alternative sources of non-potable water such as rainwater, stormwater and groundwater, and a need for the development of new technologies to reuse and recycle this important resource.

Water can be an efficient low-cost means of transporting resources between processes, disposing of waste materials and suppressing dust which, along with activities such as the dewatering of mines and centrifugal separation of materials, can result in acidic, saline or contaminated water that places high demands on the infrastructure required to transport it.

We have committed considerable resources to expanding our range of quality ball, gate, globe and check valves to meet the high demands of the mining industry, including gaining ISO 9001 certification to ensure that every Zetco valve is manufactured under stringent quality control procedures. Our quality management plan includes pressure testing of all valves during production, plus ongoing inspections and periodical verification of alloy composition and mechanical performance in NATA accredited laboratories.

As each mine in Australia presents unique geographical and environmental challenges, Zetco offers flexibility of choice when it comes to mechanical design and materials, to ensure that hydraulic consultants and engineers engaged in the design of water management systems can specify the right valve for any application. This flexibility is evident in the range of handle configurations offered, such as levers and hand wheels in a range of materials, T-handles and underground key caps. Valve bodies are also available in materials such as brass, bronze and stainless steel; special alloys such as duplex steel and aluminium bronze are also available. All stainless steel internal components that come in contact with water are 316 grade for greater resilience and reliability.

Our range includes flanged valves conforming to international and Australian standards such as ASME/ANSI B16.5, DIN EN 1092.1 and AS 2129 Table D/E, which can be supplied with custom combinations of different drilling patterns for situations where imported equipment is to be connected to Australian pipelines, simplifying installation and reducing costs. Bronze and stainless steel valves with threaded connections are also available in BSP and NPT conformations to accommodate a wide range of equipment.

Where a custom solution is required, Zetco can work with consultants to provide OEM manufacturing of specialty valves, while designers of accommodation and crew amenities can also rely on our wide range of high quality Italian-made WaterMarked and AGA approved valves for potable water, solar hot water, air-conditioning, recycled water and gas installations.

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