Compressed Air

Stored at much greater than atmospheric pressure, compressed air is a versatile medium for transferring energy in a range of applications. Compressed air can be used to drive tools such as drills, hammers and wrenches and is equally useful in braking applications for large vehicles such as trains and trucks. Compressed air can be used as a safe propellant for the application of paints and other surface coatings, cleaning and even as the driving force for vehicles.

Zetco offers an extensive range of valves that are suitable for compressed air. Valves in brass and stainless steel are available with female x female and male x female connections and BSP parallel and tapered as well as NPT threads. The range of options also include standard levers, T handles and lockable levers.

The Total range of heavy pattern ball valves is ideal for high pressure applications; the PTFE seats allow for regular rotations at both low and high-pressure, ensuring a long and durable lifecycle.

For installations where safe shutdown of a pressurised line is critical, the self-venting range is ideal. The self-venting exhaust feature allows the user to lock the valve in the closed position whilst ensuring that the downstream air is exhausted out through the bottom of the valve. This then creates an environment whereby the user can conduct maintenance in a safe environment.

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Safely relieve downstream pressure quickly and conveniently

When shut-off of a pressurised line is required for maintenance or tool changes, a self-venting valve enables the line to be shut off quickly while also relieving the downstream pressure.

Once the downstream pressure has been exhausted through the bottom of the valve, downstream equipment and lines can be safely worked on.

We offer self-venting ball valves in both brass and stainless steel, some with lockable handle option for added safety and security.

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