Gas ball valve quality is critical to ensuring that gas flow can be shut off reliably and completely at any time, for many years after installation.  A high-quality gas ball valve must be able to withstand all elements and tough environmental conditions in order to perform as required. Zetco Valves has been supplying the Australian gas industry for over 50 years; we continue to supply our very first customer today just as we did back in the 1960s.  This means there are hundreds of thousands of Zetco gas ball valves in Australia, continuing to operate and perform in the largest gas infrastructure markets, including Victoria and South Australia.  

Zetco’s range of Australian Gas Association (AGA) approved ball valves includes press-fit, underground, stainless steel, cast iron and nut & tail. Unique to this industry are the requirements for specialised tapered and parallel threads, BSP, BSPT and NPT in male and female configurations in. 

Zetco understands the requirements of different standards in all states of Australia and every gas approved ball valve across our extensive range has all been tested to meet or exceed the requirements of AS 4617 and AS 5601. 

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Still going strong in the Australian gas market

Zetco has been supplying high-quality ball valves to the gas industry in Australia for over 50 years and maintains ongoing quality testing and inspections to remain fully compliant with the Australian Gas Association requirements for gas ball valves.

The range offers specialised in-built features such as integral test plugs and lockable handles to facilitate safe testing and security of gas lines and connections such as press-fit, F&F, M&F, flanged and BSP or SAE flare.

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