Zetco Valves was the first to develop a range of valves that cater specifically for Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC).  The valves cater for the unique requirements of the HVAC market, incorporating test points, drain cocks and mini ball valves for the installation of fan coil units and commissioning of these installations. Extended spindles allow pipes to be insulated while not restricting the operation of the valve, and spindle o-rings in EPDM peroxide make our HVAC valves suitable for both heated and chilled water.  Zetco only uses high quality Twinlok® test plugs in all its HVAC ball valves. 

Zetco’s HVAC ball valves are compact, easy to install and ideal for fan coil unit installations.  These require flow to be diverted while the system is drained and cleaned to prevent legionella, algae and bacteria from establishing themselves in the pipework. 

Unique to Zetco is the mandatory testing of every HVAC ball valve.  Each valve receives an individual test number which gives every valve complete traceability and assurance of quality. 

Even though HVAC systems are not legally required to include WaterMarked ball valves, Zetco only manufactures and stocks WaterMarked ball valves.  This gives you complete confidence that a tested Zetco WaterMarked HVAC ball valve will provide years of reliable service and withstand the harsh environmental conditions and fluids in HVAC systems.  

Zetco’s HVAC ball valves are available in female to female in 10mm through to 50mm and extended spindle press-fit x press-fit, female and male in 15mm to 50mm.  

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Options for Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning

Zetco offers a wide range of standard configurations to suit many applications, with test plugs, mini ball valves, drain cocks and extension options to choose from.

Because each installation poses unique challenges, we can customise our HVAC valves to suit your requirements. Need the testing components swapped to different sides or a mix of standard and extended components? We can manufacture them for you.

View our complete range of HVAC valves here.