Medical Gases

The safe delivery of specialised gases and gas mixtures in hospitals, veterinary and other healthcare facilities is crucial for protecting human and animal lives as well as equipment. Such systems may be used to carry several gases, including:

Oxygen: Used in a range of applications including anaesthesia, inhalation therapies and resuscitation, supplementing oxygen to the respiratory system or to enhance delivery of other gases such as nitrous oxide used in dentistry.

Nitrous oxide: Often mixed with oxygen, N2O has numerous medical uses for pain reduction and anaesthetic effects in dentistry and surgery. May also be used in cryosurgery to remove tissue using extreme cold.

Carbon dioxide: A versatile gas used in combination with oxygen to promote respiration, in dentistry, cryosurgery and to provide inflation of body cavities for keyhole surgery.

Nitrogen: May be used to reduce risk of chemical reactions and combustion, in multiple gas mixtures and to provide pneumatic force to medical equipment.

Helium: Useful in gas mixtures used in the treatment of patients with impaired respiratory function

Medical air: As a component of respiratory gas mixtures and for the delivery of inhalation therapies.

Vacuum: Used in suction equipment for the drainage and emptying of body fluids, and removal of excess blood during surgery, wound cleaning and other procedures.

Due to the critical nature of these gases, it is vital that any isolation valves installed in these applications are thoroughly cleaned during the production process and that assembly occurs within a sterile environment. All isolation valves in the Zetco medical gas range possess these characteristics. Each valve is thoroughly cleaned during the production process, to remove any dirt or grease that could lead to explosion or contamination. To ensure that they remain clean until installation, each valve is end-capped and sealed in a plastic bag following assembly.

There are certain areas in construction and plumbing where quality and safety cannot be comprised. Medical gases are one such area; the ability to securely shut off and deliver the right gas to the right area of a medical facility is critical. Many major Australian hospital projects have specified Zetco medical valves and depend on their quality and reliability to maintain safe gas supplies.

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Delivering safe and reliable medical gases

Zetco’s medical gas ball valves are supplied ungreased and individually sealed for protection.

The 2701 series is a heavy pattern ball valve available in a wide range of sizes. Wrapping seats ensure a long maintenance-free life cycle, while a conical high-grade PTFE stem sealing system prevents leakage.

The 2702 series ball valve is a top-entry design which allows for post-installation maintenance such as seat or spindle replacement.

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